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"And lo, the LORD saw that the script kiddies and hotmail hax0rs were many, and dumb, and HE sent Kadino down in a rickshaw of sarcasm drawn by Mack and Saber to smite them. And He saw this, and it was good." -- 2 Gamercrossfireus 54:3

AIM/MSN Quotes

SoldierWOne: have i ever told you i love you guys?
Gale Onarav: No
SoldierWOne: good
BlondeSimpleton: ouch

BlondeSimpleton: i thought i was marsh
BlondeSimpleton: er.. marsha
SoldierWOne: you're a lot of things
Fury Thr33: Weird mostly

BenefitOvDaDoubt: *punches fury in eye* it is done
Fury Thr33: ow
BenefitOvDaDoubt: you can leave now

Gale Onarav: *bashed head against keyboard
BenefitOvDaDoubt: hey thats how kadino got his name

CloudStrifegxf: I need to impress Ayn
BlondeSimpleton: you do that cloud o_O
CloudStrifegxf: Okie dokie!
CloudStrifegxf: *impresses Ayn*
CloudStrifegxf: Voila
BlondeSimpleton: sorry, but i've seen bigger XP

Gale Onarav: evil has varying degrees
Gale Onarav: all about what kind you like
Gale Onarav: like lolipops
Gale Onarav: ...god what an out of nowhere analogy
BenefitOvDaDoubt: lmao

Kadino: Shazbot!
Mack: I still have no idea if that's a good or bad thing... or merely an exclamation.

Gale Onarav: damn technobabble
BenefitOvDaDoubt: no kidding
KadinoMoogle: we could talk it spanish fury, it would confuse them less
KadinoMoogle: see, they understand some of these words

Fury Thr33: locate the alter-ego in your head named "l337" and kill it
Fury Thr33: preferrably with a shovel
BenefitOvDaDoubt: or the 12-guage
Fury Thr33: now that I think of it, chainsaw sounds best
KadinoMoogle: I think that anything that is leet should be killed with a plastic bag, manhunt style

Gale Onarav: ....holy shit he has a point
KadinoMoogle: correction, I never have a point

Gale Onarav: *just saw the main character from ffXII* o_o;
KadinoMoogle: it's like they made Tidus more effeminate
BlondeSimpleton: that's humanly possible?